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Malta’s female entrepreneurship ambassadors share inside information, telling Alison Bezzina what makes them tick and the tricks of their trade, dishing out experience and advice. None of them has forfeited their female touch to make it big in the old boys’ world. Earlier this year, a group of Maltese businesswomen were chosen to promote entrepreneurship with others from all walks of life – from unemployed to underprivileged and imprisoned women, students and those already in the working world – as part of an EU-funded project, Ambassadors in Malta for Increasing wo­men Entrepreneurs [AMIE]. Over the last two years, the project, which ends next month, has been aiming to increase female entrepreneurs in Malta through the establishment of a Network of Women Ambassadors, which forms part of the European network. The chosen women acted as role models, working on raising women’s ability, motivation and self-confidence to set up a successful business. Part of the mission entailed telling their own stories… Jane Chircop Owner, Sapphire Real Estate Services Jane is a businesswoman who got to where she is today the hard way. She studied business and accounting at school, but there were no opportunities at the time for women in those fields, so she became a nurse. After working in the medical industry for 14 years, she decided to follow her dream of being an entrepreneur. “At the time, I had to convince those around me that leaving a secure job was the best move for me, and of course, I was met with initial opposition,” says Jane. Once she convinced those closest to her, Jane joined a local estate agency, and worked there for seven years, gaining valuable insight into the property world. She then went on to set up her own agency. Jane offers a human touch to acquiring a property. She feels that buying a house is much more that purchasing bricks and mortar. “As a woman in a man’s world, I managed to carve out a successful niche by employing my female skills into my work and bringing an almost holistic feeling to buying a house.” Jane knows the hurdles women face and the tasks they have to juggle when embarking on such an ordeal. It is the ability to juggle all these aspects of life that Jane believes makes women special. “I believe that we are gifted in this area; that women can be successful by using this skill in business.”