Notarial Services

Notaries provide an indispensable legal to services to the citizens of the country in which they operate. The office the Notary Public requires that an individual be impartial, trustworthy, and deeply respectful of the applicable laws and regulations of their operating country. Their services provide a sense of legal certainty in crucial matters of the life of each individual citizen, as they operate on behalf of both the state and citizens to verify the will of two individual parties, and bind it with the legal seal of the state.

At the notary office of Dr. Sharon Faith Farrugia you will find a competent, experienced and highly trained notary service provider. I am both highly trained in law, having received my Bachelor of Arts in Law & Theology, and eventually a Doctor of Laws in the Notarial Field from the University of Malta. My services and experience include skilled legal advice, legal assistance, legal research, and matters relating to inheritance and property laws.

As a member of the Notarial Council of Malta I am fully equipped and legally able to provide all of the individual services that a Notary Public generally provide including verifying the identity of individual parties, which is commonly required when attempting to receive an Apostille on a document, safeguarding and remaining impartial in legal matters concerning all parties to a deed or inheritance, collection and payment of dues and taxes, archiving and registering of original acts, registering notes which have arisen from contracts, and ordaining contracts according to applicable laws.

Whether you are in the process of buying a new home or piece of property, need to have your identity legally verified in order to ensure that your paperwork is accepted by the state, or are in the process of getting married, receiving and inheritance from a loved one which is to be split multiple ways, we can help. Call or visit us today, and let us know how we can assist you in your legal matters.

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Sharon Faith Farrugia Dr Notary Public
6, 7 Sqaq 1 Triq it-Torri ,
Mosta Malta MST 3510
79 459 999