Micallef & Associates is an established practice offering a personalised and bespsoke service to both local and international clients. The firm was established over twenty years ago by Notary Doctor Bartolomeo Micallef, and today it has developed into a boutique firm offering services to a mix of commercial, not-for-profit, regulatory and private clients.

The firm provides a one-stop shop for clients wishing to relocate to Malta and the services provided include:

  • Assisting with and handling the property conveyancing process concerning immovable property in Malta and Gozo;
  • Succession planning and assisting clients with all their estate planning requirements including the set up of trusts and the drafting of wills in line with Maltese legislation;
  • Corporate legislation and the services ancillary to company set-up and administration;
  • Residency and immigration law.

Having been involved in the set up of the legislative framework of a number of Condominia over the years, Micallef & Associates today also incorporates an arm providing exclusively the services linked to Condominium legislation as well as offering the services of Administrators in the management of Condominia alongside the legal assistance.

The daily practice involves liasing with different associates, both local and international, to ensure that all clients receive the best possible service, in a timely and professional manner.

Malta Individual Investor Programme Citizenship by Investment


A Main Applicant must satisfy the requirements established by Legal Notice 47/2014 including the following:

• Contribute 650,000 EUR to the Government of Malta (10,000 EUR will be remitted as a non-refundable deposit prior to approval as a citizen of Malta);

• Provide proof of a residence in Malta by purchasing an immovable property having a minimum value of 350,000 EUR or leasing a property having a minimum annual rental value of 16,000 EUR. Such property (purchased or leased) must be kept for a period of at least 5 years from the date of purchase or lease. Such property cannot be let or sub-let during the 5 year term;

• Invest in Malta-Government portfolio investment for a value of 150,000 EUR. Such investment must also be kept for at least 5 years. In the case of a Spouse or Dependants applying together with the Main Applicant, the following contributions (in addition to the 650,000 EUR to be made by the Main Applicant) are required:

• 25,000 EUR for the Spouse;

• 25,000 EUR for each child below the age of 18;

• 50,000 EUR for each unmarried child between the age of 18 and 26 being a child maintained by the Main Applicant;

• 50,000 EUR for each dependant parent/s of the Main Applicant above the age of 55 years.

The above do not include due diligence fees, passport fees and bank charges which are levied by Identity Malta as part of the MIIP process.


Residency Stage This is the first stage of the process, namely application for the eResidence Card issued by the Maltese authorities and payment of 5000 EUR by the Main Applicant as an initial part of the non-refundable deposit. All family members applying together with the Main Applicant in terms of the Individual Investor Programme must apply for the e-Residence Card at Identity Malta offices. The Government of the Republic of Malta grants, after a rigid and thorough due diligence process, naturalization to reputable individuals and their dependants.

Dr. Annalise Micallef, partner at Micallef & Associates is an Accredited Agent authorized by the Maltese Government to handhold clients from the beginning of the process until their Maltese passport is issued.

MIIP Application Stage

The complete application together with all the required documentation is submitted by the Accredited Agent to Identity Malta. Once the application for citizenship is accepted as complete, a further 5000 EUR non-refundable contribution is paid to Identity Malta, together with the due diligence fees, the passport fees and the bank charges fees. Due diligence checks and processing of the application follows. At the end of this process (to be completed over a maximum period of 120 days) the Letter of Approval in Principle is issued.

Oath of Allegiance and Naturalisation

This is the last phase of the process. Proof is required of the fulfilment of the requirements established by law including: residency requirements for the minimum 12 month period, property related obligations, investment obligations and payment to the National Development and Social fund of the monetary contribution. Main Applicant and dependants over 18 years of age will take the Oath of Allegiance in Malta and the Certificate of Naturalisation will be issued. Civil Status Certificates of the Main Applicant and family members are registered. The Maltese Passport is issued.

“Malta wants your talent, not your money. Your network, not your accounts. This is because we are about the future not the past.” – Joseph Muscat, Prime Minister of Malta, addressing the global rich in New York, September 2014

WHY MALTA? Malta has established itself as a growing, successful financial centre in the heart of the Mediterranean. A full member of the European Union as well as a member of the European Monetary Union as well as full compliance with policies and directives of International Organisations such as the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD), have resulted in the excellent reputation of Malta and its growing attractiveness for investors, financial services firms and practitioners alike. The lavish Mediterranean lifestyle together with the safety and security of a stable political environment have all resulted in Malta being reputed as one of the best places to live in and raise a family. The universal use of the English language as well as the enviable climate with more than 300 days of sunshine per year all contribute to the attractiveness of the archipelago of islands (Malta, Gozo and Comino) encapsulating a truly cosmopolitan lifestyle in the Med.


Micallef & Associates is an established Maltese practice offering a personalised and bespoke service to both local and international clients. The firm was established over twenty years ago by Doctor Bartolomeo Micallef, and today it has developed into a boutique firm offering services to a plethora of clients, particularly in the private wealth sphere. The range of services provided include assisting clients relocating to Malta; assisting with and handling property conveyancing; succession planning and assisting clients with all their cross-border estate planning requirements. Micallef & Associates has also been involved in the setup of a broad range of not-for-profit organisations. Residency and immigration law as well as practice in areas of financial services, primarily regulatory, fall within the portfolio of areas of specialised assistance. Doctor of Laws Annalise Micallef is an Accredited Agent, authorised by the Government of Malta to assist applicants and their families seeking to obtain naturalisation in terms of the Malta Individual Investor Programme.


Contact details 

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