Launch of Only Made in Malta Phase 2 – PRESS RELEASE – January 2015

Only Made in Malta

Jane Chircop Founder and Director of Sapphire Real Estate, officially launched the concept project Only made in Malta phase 2 on 30th January 2015 at Palazzo Prince Valletta which was a continuity of the pilot project Only Made in Gozo phase 1 which was launched last year on the 16th of January 2014 at the Ministry of Gozo which was supported by the Minister of Gozo Dr. Anton Refalo and Mrs. Michelle Muscat.
The concept behind these projects is a new and innovative concept to attract foreign investment to buy unique Maltese properties by first inviting them for a cultural holiday orientation. Behind Only Made in Malta and Only Made in Gozo, there was an intensive research, which resulted that Malta has unique architecture skills and features in the world and a long history of heritage properties dating back 500 years. Our aim is to promote these properties as natural eco houses with unique architecture. The investor will be given an energy efficient certificate by a qualified engineer and a complimenting certification by an architect that the property is truly an authentic Maltese Heritage property. Although Malta was the most bombed country during World War II, these gems of properties are still standing in our village squares, main streets, and alleys. As a Real Estate company we are going to promote each locality by supporting Local Councils to the next level to enhance their identity, preserve the Maltese heritage and we look for niche tourism to generate more economy benefits in the villages. It also includes guided tours in private heritage houses for sale by the professionally trained property hostesses/ consultants, who are to act as specific ‘tour guides’ in providing the customers with a unique experiential experience of the life in the Maltese Islands, by actually visiting homes and villages.
Our customers will have the opportunity to experience the family life in our Islands. This will provide the customer with a privileged first hand cultural homely atmosphere and will influence the tourist’s perspective and impressions of our beautiful island and finally invest in these houses.

This project has been also developed from:
1. A wealth of experience in the real estate sector
2. An excellent acumen of the international property market
3. A team specialised in Village homes, houses of characters, farmhouses, townhouses, classic villas and palazzos
4. Creating more innovative job opportunities
5. Collaboration with our Trusted Associates that provide professional 5 star after sale services with their expertise and professionalism to make the transaction as smooth as possible
6. A unique electronic portal online magazine giving importance to the localities and a detailed history of each property.

This launch made history as Darsia Cooperative joined Only Made in Malta and Only Made in Gozo with Elands online portal which compliments the services to buy, sell, let and travel arrangements, so this proves that with the support of the Government, the private sector and Cooperatives can work together in harmony for a social and environmental cause are all committed to save our Maltese and Historical private properties. We owe it to our ancestors and the future generation!
This project has created niche tourism, assists in the protection and restoration of our unique heritage and sustainable development.

Jane Chircop
Director of Sapphire Real Estate