The Minister for Gozo, Dr Anton Refalo and the wife of the Prime Minister, Mrs Michelle Muscat, today launched a new concept – ‘Only Made in Gozo,’ introduced by the Managing Director of Sapphire Real Estate Services, Jane Chircop .

This concept is a new way to attract foreign investment to the island, through sales of typically Gozitan properties. It aims to promote the ecological benefits as natural eco houses, the unique architectural as well as the unique villages in which these are situated. It will protect and restore Maltese unique heritage for sustainable development.

In his address the Minister for Gozo explained through this project a tourism niche has been created in Gozo. Adding, that this is part of the strategy that the Ministry for Gozo is working on, for innovative and creative projects that are able to create employment on the island.

Dr Refalo stressed that economic growth in Gozo should be carried out with full respect for the heritage and environment of the island.

In her address Mrs Michelle Muscat explained that the Government has a vision for Gozo and praised the ‘Only Made in Gozo’ project, because it will be generating economy for the island

Given that the Managing Director of this project is a woman, Mrs Muscat called for more women to look at the opportunites offered locally and internationally in the entrepreneurial sector.

Mrs Muscat ended her address by pointing out that the Government will be working side by side with the private sector to achieve further levels of success.